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From time to time we like to showcase the amazing auto mods possible with something as simple as a few cardboard boxes.

This month's feature car is this very attractive Mercedes. You just can't go wrong with the fully unfunctional hood and roof scoop, ultra stylish ground effects kit and I have to mention those ca-razy rims. AMG better look out because they just got a bit of recyclable competition.

Make/Model: Mercedes E220   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-25-2006 @ 11:22:03 PM
Posted By: IH8RICERS Reply | Edit | Del
Those rims make me think of Dane Cook and his CT2004 "50 inch rims that I made myself in my basement out of aluminum foil and ornaments"

...is that a flying shopping cart in the 3rd pic?

#2 8-26-2006 @ 07:47:27 PM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
im doing this next thursday. it has been decided.

#3 8-27-2006 @ 09:08:38 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
I'd drive it

#4 9-13-2006 @ 02:14:06 PM
Posted By: Turrboenvy Reply | Edit | Del
#3, I would suffer the couple minutes it'd take for all of the cardboard to fall off (and the ensuing littering ticket) to drive this car.

#5 9-20-2006 @ 12:25:41 AM
Posted By: IH8RICERS Reply | Edit | Del
So does nobody else see the seemingly floating shopping cart in the 3rd pic? its not in the others, and doesnt appear to be sitting on anything, am I just nuts?

#6 9-20-2006 @ 11:46:48 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Its in the first pic as well now that you mention it.

#7 1-03-2007 @ 04:38:05 PM
Posted By: jeff_is_sexy Reply | Edit | Del
I see the cart... Someone probably threw it at him.

#8 1-20-2007 @ 09:56:01 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
#5, I thought it was resting on that stack of palettes, but the angle is all wrong, how strange

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