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Contact Ricecop

  • If you're writing in because you were ticketed and you don't see your car on the site then please don't write in. Just laugh it off and move on.
  • Ricecop gets quite a bit of email and it would take way too long for me to reply to each and every email that comes in. I do read them all though and try to reply to as many as I have time for.
 General comments, questions, concerns, or feedback - Send
 If you saw your car in the accused section and would like to defend it - Send
 Pictures of ricers you may or may not have ticketed - Send
 If you made your own ticket, send it here - Send
 Fan mail for the mailbag - Send
 Hate mail for the mailbag - Send
 To contact Trooper(the webmaster) for any reason not listed above - Send

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