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Submitted by: Laszlo       Ticketed: Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
I think Laszlo has done a fine job of summing up this car. Check out the pics for his comments on this "show car".

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-25-2006 @ 08:41:18 PM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Gotta love the custom rear rims, but stock steelies up front. Also gotta love the fine decal on the gas door. Didn't that joke go out in the 70's?

#2 8-29-2006 @ 12:24:01 PM
Posted By: Slow Joe Crow Reply | Edit | Del
This car is the essence of rice, tasteless mods, shoddy workmanship, and actually slower than stock. At least this smacktard got the steellies on the right end.
Also I think the blue stuff around the gas tank door is supposed be spilled avgas or race fuel (100 octane low lead avgas is tinted blue).

#3 7-23-2007 @ 12:55:38 PM
Posted By: IM21ders Reply | Edit | Del
I'm afraid to ask what a "cherry bomb" turbo is.

#4 7-24-2007 @ 01:44:56 AM
Posted By: IH8RICERS Reply | Edit | Del
#3, Cherry Bomb actually makes a series of mufflers named "Turbo" and they have a "whooshing" sound.

#5 7-24-2007 @ 11:37:52 AM
Posted By: Doppleganger Reply | Edit | Del
Yea, those cherry bomb mufflers dont last very long. Had one on my WJ, and a hole rotted in the top in less than a year. Could be because I had a V8 in front of a muffler not really meant for that much exhaust :)

Nah, just junk. Dynomax Thrush mufflers sound better, and I picked up a few of them on sale for $10 each :D

Still cheap, tho.

#6 7-24-2007 @ 11:15:18 PM
Posted By: IH8RICERS Reply | Edit | Del
the cherry bomb mufflers I was never too impressed with, but their glasspacks are good.

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